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Agema Klerouchon Hippeon (Ptolemaic Heavy Cavalry)

Not Available Weapons
Primary Secondary Armour: 13 Morale: 13
Type: spear sword Shield: 0 Discipline: disciplined
Attack: 4 9 Skill: 9 Training: highly_trained
Charge: 34 15 Recruitment Other
Lethality: 0.38 0.11 Soldiers: 25 Hit Points: 1
Range: 0 0 Cost: 3088 Mass: 1
Ammo: 0 0 Upkeep: 772
Turns: 1
Primary Weapon Attributes: Armour Piercing
Secondary Weapon Attributes: Armour Piercing
Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forest, Hardy
Formation: Square Side/Back spacing: 1.5 / 4
Mount effects: elephant -1, chariot +2
Ownership: Ptolemaioi

The Agema Klerouchon Hippeon is made up of settled Greek and Makedonian landowners. They are well trained, almost feudalistic, heavy cavalry, and can give a good account of themselves in battle.


The Fayuum and other places made excellent spots for a heavy cavalry reserve to be raised. With a system of land grants and promises, the Ptolemaioi were able to lure many Greeks and Makedonians to settle in Aigyptos and produce a reliable heavy cavalry. They are armed with a xyston, a kopis, and are clad in a light but sturdy bronze curiass. They can be counted upon to give a good account of themselves in battle, due to the fact that they are well trained, almost feudalistic, cavalry.

Historically, the Ptolemaic heavy cavalry was very good, well able to deal with the Seleukeis and other threats. They were able to check the more numerous Seleukid cavalry at Raphia, making sure their vulnerable phalanx was not outflanked. They were in existence up until the end of the Ptolemaic kingdom and many were hired by the Romans to provide a heavy cavalry capable of fighting in the east after the absorption of Aigyptos into the Roman Empire.