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Vellinica (Goidilic Spearmen Levy)

Not Available Weapons
Primary Secondary Armour: 2 Morale: 10
Type: spear spear Shield: 3 Discipline: normal
Attack: 6 13 Skill: 11 Training: trained
Charge: 4 4 Recruitment Other
Lethality: 1 0.13 Soldiers: 60 Hit Points: 1
Range: 35 0 Cost: 908 Mass: 1.05
Ammo: 2 0 Upkeep: 227
Turns: 1
Primary Weapon Attributes: Thrown before charge, Thrown missile
Secondary Weapon Attributes: Light spear
Attributes: Can board ships, Improved hiding in forest, Can hide in long grass, Hardy
Formation: Square Side/Back spacing: 1 / 1.4
Mount effects: elephant -3
Ownership: Aedui, Arverni, Casse, Iberia, Eleutheroi

Vellinica are the most basic warriors of the Goidilic tribes. They fight as spearmen, with a single heavy javelin to throw before attacking, or at a charging enemy, to weaken them, before engaging with their spears.

Expert at Hiding in Forests

The Vellinica (Val-lin-ik-ah; "Swift Fighters") are the most basic warriors of the Goidilic (Gaelic or Goedelic) tribes, and are thankfully cheap to maintain. They fight as spearmen, with good quality, reinforced spears. The Vellinica are only semi-professional. They work and train about four months a year, than rotate back to working as farmers, craftsmen, fishermen, etc., while their replacements go to train and fight. They are expensive to outfit compared to most light spearmen, but they are comparatively well trained and high spirited.

Historically, the Vellinica were used well into the dark and middle ages, and the inheritors of an ancient fighting tradition. While young Goidils always played games that honed fighting skills, these semi-professionals also spent much time at work, so were not as skilled as the better trained, year-round professional Cladaca, but were not as unskilled as the all but untrained militias that were used as impromptu forces.