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Woithiz Wāthā (Germanic Naked Fanatic Spearmen)

Not Available Weapons
Primary Secondary Armour: 1 Morale: 18
Type: spear spear Shield: 2 Discipline: impetuous
Attack: 8 18 Skill: 15 Training: untrained
Charge: 12 12 Recruitment Other
Lethality: 1 0.13 Soldiers: 30 Hit Points: 1
Range: 31.5 0 Cost: 2513 Mass: 1.18
Ammo: 4 0 Upkeep: 628
Turns: 1
Primary Weapon Attributes: Thrown before charge, Thrown missile
Secondary Weapon Attributes: Light spear
Attributes: Can board ships, Improved hiding in forest, Frightens infantry, Very Hardy, Mercenary
Formation: Square Side/Back spacing: 1.2 / 1.4
Mount effects: elephant -2, chariot +2
Ownership: Swebozez, Eleutheroi

Germanic Naked Fanatic Spearmen daub their bodies with pitch and black dye, giving them a frightening and otherworldly appearance. They are seriously disturbing to their foes because of their fierce and dark nature combined with a shocking entrance, where they charge seemingly out of nowhere with wide-eyes, "mad," foaming at the mouth, naked and screaming.

Expert at Hiding in Woods

Woiþiz Wāþā
(WOI-thiz WĀ-thā, "Possessed Hunting-party")

Woithiz Wāthā, a unit whose name can also mean "Wild Hunt" is a band of unconventional warriors from the eastern fringes of Germania who specialize in ambush. They enhance their zeal and "fury" by blackening their bodies with the help of pitch and natural dyes, then wait until the darkest of night to strike, skillfully choosing the time and place of the battle. They provoke fear deep into the heart of their enemy with the terrifying, shadow-like appearance of an army of the dead, as they charge with wide-eyes, "mad" and foaming at the mouth, naked, screaming at their foes. Any who survive assaults by these maniacal warriors are convinced they are spirits sent from the Otherworld.

These men are cultists who dedicate themselves to Wāthonoz, war-god of frenzy and slaughter, Lord of Ecstatic Trance. They ritually go into a frenzied state, believing then that they enter the Otherworld and commune with their god while their bodies, possessed by divine spirit, become invincible and impervious to normal weapons, and so do not have need of armor. They devoutly maintain that by dying with honor on the battlefield they might join the ranks of the Heavenly Host, to be able to fight again in the service of Wāthonoz, sitting, drinking and training beside their ancestors in the Hall of the Slain until the Doom of the Gods.

Historically, Tacitus refers to this unique practic as being used by a particular group known as the Harii, whose name is thought to mean 'Warriors' in their own Germanic language. An interesting coincidence exists between common legend of 'The Wild Hunt,' the Germanic term for 'hunt'(*woi-) and a similarly derived Slavic term 'warriors'(*voj-) from the same Indo-European root (*uei-) 'to pursue.'