EB Units List

Aspet Hetselazor (Armenian Medium Cavalry)

Not Available Weapons
Primary Secondary Armour: 8 Morale: 13
Type: spear axe Shield: 2 Discipline: disciplined
Attack: 9 8 Skill: 9 Training: highly_trained
Charge: 27 15 Recruitment Other
Lethality: 0.15 0.165 Soldiers: 25 Hit Points: 1
Range: 0 0 Cost: 2798 Mass: 1
Ammo: 0 0 Upkeep: 700
Turns: 1
Secondary Weapon Attributes: Armour Piercing
Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forest, Very Hardy
Formation: Square Side/Back spacing: 1.5 / 4
Mount effects: chariot +1
Ownership: Hayasdan, Eleutheroi

These lesser nobles are light shock cavalry and not hesitant to close in for melee, able to use their axes with devastating effect against better armoured foes.


These soldiers are armed with a spear that is used as a thrusting weapon in an overhand grip, rather than as a lance. While this makes them unlikely to mount a charge on their own, it does make the spear far more maneuverable and these men are adept at putting that to use. A deadly Tabar axe is used when the clash of battle eventually breaks the spear. While unable to stand up to a charge of Parthian Cataphracts or shatter a Seleucid phalanx, they can hold their own against medium and light cavalry, or break lighter infantry. A conical Persian helmet of iron with a brightly coloured plume is worn. Their armour is a scale cuirass with scale shoulder guards and stiffened leather pteruges hanging from the waist and over loose, richly embroidered trousers. A long sleeved tunic extending down to just above the knees, is secured by a leather belt. The horse has a stuffed Persian saddle and thick, bright coloured saddle cloth.

Historically, the Armenian Azat were lesser nobles and the Aspet, or knights provided the powerful spine of the Armenia’s cavalry wing, often the prestigious and most efficient branch of Armenian armies