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Arjos (Arverni Nobles)

Not Available Weapons
Primary Secondary Armour: 12 Morale: 15
Type: sword spear Shield: 4 Discipline: disciplined
Attack: 11 16 Skill: 10 Training: highly_trained
Charge: 8 8 Recruitment Other
Lethality: 0.225 0.13 Soldiers: 40 Hit Points: 1
Range: 0 0 Cost: 2092 Mass: 1.2
Ammo: 0 0 Upkeep: 523
Turns: 1
Secondary Weapon Attributes: Light spear
Attributes: Can board ships, Can hide in forest, Mercenary
Formation: Square Side/Back spacing: 0.85 / 1
Mount effects: elephant -4
Ownership: Arverni, Eleutheroi

The Arveni Arjos (Arveni "Nobles") are disciplined elite soldiers, exhibiting great tenacity and proving themselves a sturdy force in any battle line.


The Arverni ("Superior Ones", home to the famous Vercingetorix) are a large powerful tribe who have become extremely wealthy through trade with the Mediterranean and 'exploitation' of the trade routes North. As such, the Arverni have a large body of Nobles afforded the time and wealth to prepare for battle. They also have the wealth to outfit their relatives and guards in a similar manner, allowing them to fight close by.

The Arjos (Ar-jus; "Nobles") sport the finest equipment available and train daily in its use. Due to their wealth and status they tend not to be as concerned with feats of valor, but instead exhibit greater tenacity in battle. Nobility in their class tend to engage in far less personal combat, and spend much more time entertaining themselves with feasting and games. However, in battle, like all Celtic nobles, when it comes time to fight, they tend to be very willing to prove themselves, and encourage their men to fight harder.

Though not the equal of the Greeks or Macedonians, the Arjos fight well in phalanx (similar to the hoplite phalanx) and prove themselves a sturdy force in any battle line, and they should not be commited to charging as often as other Celtic soldiers.